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If you have air quality concerns, EES will unravel the issues and chart a path forward. For indoor air quality testing, we begin by interviewing you and other impacted employees, then conduct testing, and finally make an assessment of effective line(s) of action. For stack testing, we follow permit and EPA requirements.  For industrial hygiene exposure monitoring, we exceed OSHA requirements through evaluation, testing and recommendations for engineering and administrative controls.  (See our Industrial Hygiene services page for more information)      

EES Air Quality Testing Services:

  • Standard indoor air quality tests: temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and any other parameters that may be necessary
  • EPA compliance stack testing services
  • Industrial hygiene personal exposure monitoring for chemical and/or noise exposure

Sample Projects

Client: New Philadelphia museum                                                                                              

EES Service: Tested indoor air quality to ensure safe conditions for visitors and staff

  • Created testing strategy based on ASHRAE Standard 113-2009
  • Tested for formaldehyde, temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen
  • Conducted visual inspection of accessible sections of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to identify conditions that might impact indoor air quality

Result: Determined that museum occupants were generally not exposed to any unusual indoor air conditions with few minor exceptions recommended for correction  

EES Service: General indoor air quality assessment including multiple air quality tests in response to complaints by several employees of allergic reactions, headaches, breathing difficulties and sinus congestion

  • Assessed overall air quality by monitoring routine indicators of temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels
  • Collected samples for airborne particulate and bulk samples from building materials and/or debris for evaluation of microbial contamination and allergens
  • Conducted visual inspection of accessible sections of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to identify conditions that might impact indoor air quality
  • Assessed impact of potential exterior emission sources and observed air supply and distribution within office space using smoke tubes to provide qualitative index of air movement

Result: Summarized findings; made recommendations for improvement of environmental conditions and/or maintenance of HVAC system; set company on path to improved air quality

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