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Air Separation Plan Support

With environmental regulations becoming more stringent and populations increasing, many wastewater treatment facilities have recognized a need to revitalize their treatment processes which may include oxygen generation equipment. Air Products designs, manufactures, operates and maintains air separation plants (including oxygen generation plants) and supporting equipment build by us or by most major air separation equipment fabricators. Over sixty years, we have designed and built more than 2000 industrial gas plants. This experience has enabled us to accumulate a wealth of operating expertise that we can put to work for you. Our Customer Plant Support (CPS) group is a dedicated organization, unique in the industry, which provides spare parts and services for customer owned air separation and generation facilities. For the wastewater industry, we focus our efforts on the needs of municipal wastewater treatment facilities that use oxygen in activated sludge processes. Our main priority is to resolve customer problems with solutions that emphasize safety, reliability and operating efficiency.

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