Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH)

Airport Ground Noise Services


HMMH provides expert analysis and solutions for airport ground noise, which can come from a variety of sources including maintenance run-ups, taxiing aircraft and surface vehicles. Our clients range from commuter airline maintenance facilities to major carrier airports, and our services include:

  • Evaluating the effects of ground-based noise sources
  • Creating strategies for dealing with community annoyance and/or regulatory compliance
  • Providing preliminary feasibility analyses of noise abatement options
  • Delivering detailed noise abatement design, including barriers, run-up enclosures, and operational procedures
  • Performing acceptance testing of noise abatement measures
  • Establishing workable, effective procedural controls
  • Evaluating mitigation options such as relocation and reorientation of run-up facilities and construction of ground run-up enclosures (GREs) and barriers

We tailor our services and studies to meet the unique needs of each client, from analysis of specific issues such as the effect of relocating a single taxiway, to broad studies addressing many noise sources and alternative abatement strategies.

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