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Airports are significant economic generators but they can also have impacts on local communities. Noise remains the single most significant local environmental concern and is considered the biggest inhibitor of growth. Management of this issue is about more than decibels - it is about balance, context, communication and consideration of wider sustainability issues.

Airport operators need an innovative but 'balanced approach' to noise management, which combines noise monitoring, mitigation, control and reporting, with forward planning, effective stakeholder communication and community relations. This demands a vast range of skills & competences which can be difficult to resource internally or even find externally.

We understand the business of airport noise management, strategy and its sustainability context. We have a proven track record delivering and supporting best practice noise management at some of the busiest airports in the world.

We are able to apply a standard balanced approach or innovative concepts to strategy development and implementation, assessment and analysis, communications, operational delivery and systems management.

Our value-adding services can fulfil and support all the roles in the airport noise management value chain, depending on your needs, that support your focus on winning support for your future sustainable airport vision.

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