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- Tech­ni­cal & Application Development Ser­vice


Backed by our team of plastic experts at our headquarters in Hamburg, our regional TSAD engineers offer all that you need when it comes to getting your plastic part designed, developed and produced. With more than 30 TSAD field engineers worldwide, wherever your business is located, we are never far away. Call us!

Expertise in the Application of Plastics

With more than 50 years’ experience in the application of plastics across all industries and sectors, the ALBIS TSAD group has built up unrivalled technical know-how in the design and development of plastic parts. 

Whether it’s a facia for the latest washing machine, a catheter for use in hospital operations or a battery housing for the newest electric vehicle, we provide expert, added value advice so that your application is developed and released within specification and on time. Try us! 

Ma­te­r­ial Selection

With a deep understanding of our vast portfolio, we ensure that the right plastic is selected for your individual application. With our comprehensive technical knowledge bank, we have all the facts, figures and data that matter when it comes to matching the right plastic material to your application’s requirements.

Our unique proposition is our independence! With all major polymers (and their myriad of grades!) in our portfolio, we will always propose the product which best meets your application needs.

De­sign for Success!

We also support you to ensure that the mould and component are optimally designed for the chosen plastic – after all, what might work for Polypropylene will probably be unsuitable for Polycarbonate! 

Using state-of-the-art simulation software, coupled with the expertise in interpreting results, we ensure that your designs are optimised to deliver the required part manufacturability and in-service performance.

Pro­duc­tion & Processing

Whether its injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding or film production, all our regional TSAD engineers are experts in the processing of plastics and related post-production operations such as metallization, welding and surface decoration techniques.

With their vast experience within the plastics processing industry, ALBIS’ TSAD engineers are able to support you in optimising, verifying and maximising your production process. Should anything go wrong in production, we are there to support you in trouble shooting the solution.

Fail­ure Analy­sis & Testing

Making use of our fully equipped laboratories around the world, we provide testing and analyses services to support the identification of component failures and characterising of polymers. Alongside our suite of industry standard test equipment, we also have DSC, TGA, FTIR analytical capabilities.

Train­ing & Workshops

Aimed at customers who would benefit from raising their knowledge of plastics and their applications, TSAD offer onsite training and workshops, tailored to your individual needs. Talk to your local TSAD contact for more details.

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