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Alkaline Stabilization



Adding alkaline to waste residual resources: It’s a time-tested approach to creating beneficial products safely and efficiently. Synagro makes it easy with its BIO*FIX system, a proprietary alkaline stabilization process that treats biosolids with quicklime (CaO) prior to beneficial use.By increasing pH and temperature in a manner consistent with environmental and public health standards established by federal, state and local regulators (including U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 503 Class A or Class B pathogen reduction standards), Synagro’s BIO*FIX process effectively controls odors, inactivates pathogenic microorganisms and prevents vector attraction. The process offers Synagro clients numerous additional advantages as well, from minimal capital and operation cost and small footprint for the processing facility to low process water and energy requirements and long-term stability of end products.

Our stabilized Class B product is an excellent choice for agricultural land application or mine reclamation; our Class A product wins plaudits as an agricultural lime substitute, a soil amendment or a landfill cover. Whatever your particular situation or need, Synagro’s alkaline stabilization service is here to help make your process painless – and your business better.

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