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If you have or suspect you have an environmental issue, then analysis is the starting point. The correct sampling and analysis will indentify the issues that you are facing and may not be aware of and include:

  • the contaminant types
  • contaminant levels and distribution
  • other relevant geophysical and chemical factors that may impact upon the contaminants

The subsequent analytical reports then allow us to develop a range of treatment technologies and/or removal options, with their associated costs, benefits and issues – you then decide what’s best.

Once the contaminants have been removed or reduced to a legal level, further sampling and analysis will validate that the task has been successfully completed so that sign off by the relevant regulatory authorities can occur.

How We Analyse

Virotec uses three analytical routes to ensure that the types and levels of contaminants are correct. These are:

  • external laboratories (NATA approved) for speciality analysis eg asbestos and radioactive materials
  • Virotec’s state of the art internal laboratory – for 95% of all analytical requirements
  • our mobile analytical field laboratories – instantaneous analysis while contaminant remediation or removal is occurring

If you combine our analytical capabilities with our modern sampling equipment, experienced personnel and world class techniques, we guarantee that at any time, we know what your contaminant levels will be.

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