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Anemometer Calibration



The use of wind tunnel-calibrated anemometers is necessary in order to identify the wind resource at planned wind farm sites. Deutsche WindGuard offers anemometer and wind vane calibration and classification services using two out of four company-owned wind tunnels.

Both calibration wind tunnels are approved by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and are accepted by MEASNET (European association of measurement institutes in the field of wind energy), which qualifies these wind tunnels for DKD (German Accreditation Body) calibrations. One of the calibration wind tunnels is actually used by the PTB to define the unit “m/s” in the field of flow measurements: a closer connection to national standards is not possible. Hence, we achieve wind speed measurement accuracies in excess of 0.1 m/s (k=2), resulting in a clear financial advantage of your future wind farm project. Moreover, Deutsche WindGuard’s unique facilities, such as a turbulence generator, a climatic chamber and an open field testing facility, allow for the classification of anemometers.

The knowledge gained through repeated calibration of anemometers and testing of other measurement sensors in our wind tunnels benefits our wind measurements. We guarantee results of unparalleled quality on a continuous basis in all areas of measurement techniques.

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