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AQC Environmental Engineers (AQC) is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing engineering, planning, and compliance support on the full spectrum of environmental issues to industrial, commercial, and general clients.  AQC's consulting and support services include the following areas.

Air Quality Services

  • Air Permitting (New/Modification - NSR/PSD/Title V/RECLAIM)
  • Regulatory Applicability and Compliance Assistance
  • Air Quality/Emissions Assessment and Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Emissions Inventory Management
  • Emissions Reporting – Air, Toxics, NESHAPS, etc
  • RECLAIM Emissions Compliance and Management
  • Source Testing/Sampling – Stack/Ambient
  • Inspection/Testing Services
    • Rule 1110.2/1146 Portable Analyzer
    • Rule 461 Gasoline Transfer and Dispensing
  • Permit/Operations Recordkeeping Support
  • Visible Emissions Observations Services (ARB Certified VEO)
  • Air Permits/Regulatory Compliance Service
    • Emissions Inventory
    • Emissions Quantification/Calculations
    • Permit Compliance and Recordkeeping
    • Periodic Testing
    • Periodic Compliance Reporting
      • Annual Emissions Reports
      • RECLAIM Reports - Monthly, Quarterly, Annual (APEP)
      • Title V Compliance Reports – SAMs
      • Annual Compliance Certifications
  • Emissions Trading, Banking, and ERCs
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Reporting, and Verification (ARB Accredited Verifier)
  • Carbon Emissions Management – Carbon Neutral Certification and Emission Credits

Health, Industrial Hygiene, and Occupational Safety

  • Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment
  • Safety and Risk Management Plans
  • Workplace Safety/Personal Protection Audits
  • Asbestos Survey and Work Plans (AQMD Procedure 5) - (State of California Certified Asbestos Consultant)
  • Lead Paint Related Surveys (State of California Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor)
  • Lead Assessment - Toy/child equipment Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality/Workplace Hygiene Monitoring/Surveys

Water Quality/Stormwater Services

  • Industrial Wastewater and Storm water discharges (NPDES) Permitting
  • Stormwater Sampling and Analysis
  • Stormwater Annual Reports
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Industrial wastewater Sampling and Analysis
  • Water Quality Compliance Support
  • Permit Compliance and Management Support
  • Inspections/Notices of Violations and Compliane Support

Hazardous Materials and Waste

  • Business Emergency Plan and Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Plans Preparation including SB 14, SPCC, etc.
  • Reporting Assistance
    • SARA Form R TRI Reports
    • Hazardous Waste Reports (Biennial)
  • Compliance Auditing and Support

Environmental Due Diligence and Liability

  • Environmental Site Assessments
    • Phase I (ASTM 1527) and Phase II Studies
    • Environmental Transaction Screens (ASTM 1528)
  • New Project Development - Environmental Assessment/Support
    • Project Siting Review
    • Environmental Due Diligence
    • Permitting Feasibility
    • Project Engineering/Design Environmental Reviews
  • Permit Compliance Auditing and Assistance
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • Quality Management Systems/ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management Systems/ISO 14000
  • Pollution Prevention/Control Analysis
  • Risk Review and Management Assessments
  • Inspections/Notices of Violations - Compliance Support
  • Environmental Litigation Support/Assistance
  • Environmental Expert Testimony

Emissions Compliance Software

  • VOC-CALC, AQC’s State-of-the-Art VOC Record Keeping Software
  • New and Upgarde Software Installations
  • Software Support Services
  • Software Training Assistance

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