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Aquatic Ecology and Biology Services


Expert knowledge of aquatic ecosystems allows Hatfield Consultants to help you make sense of the waterways at your project site and their complex physical, chemical, and biological factors.Since 1974, our team of aquatic scientists has carried out projects for public and private clients in river, lake, and ocean environments around the world. Through conducting baseline studies and observing the effects of human development on aquatic ecosystems, we have developed a deep understanding of both freshwater and marine environments. With this expertise, we help your project minimize its impacts to the environment and comply with environmental regulations.

In all aquatic environments across all climate regions, we offer the following services to help your project uphold its commitment to aquatic ecology:

  • Performing aquatic baseline studies to determine environmental conditions onsite before project activities begin
  • Developing and implementing Environmental Effects Monitoring programs in line with Canadian legislation
  • Modeling and assessing aquatic habitat for its effectiveness at supporting biodiversity
  • Restoring and enhancing watersheds to promote natural regeneration and sustainability
  • Managing the environmental programs of aquaculture projects and monitoring their effects on the surrounding environment

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