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An arc-flash analysis assessment is critical to the safety of your employees and to ensure that your facilities are in compliance with industry standards. Unless a realistic determination of the available fault current and protective device clearing times are made at each of your equipment locations, it's not possible to select the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your electrical workers.  Qualified personnel are needed to properly perform all aspects of an arc-flash hazard analysis assessment and propose solutions for reducing incident arc-energy levels at locations that exceed PPE Level 2, typically electrical engineers having a thorough understanding of the short-circuit behaviour of power systems, protective device coordination, and arc-flash mitigation techniques.

As specialists in electric power switching and protection, Arc Flash Advisors engineers are well qualified to prepare such assessments. We have the expertise to:

  1. Identify the equipment locations where an arc-flash hazard analysis is required
  2. Collect pertinent data at each location
  3. Prepare an appropriate system model and single-line diagram
  4. Prepare a short-circuit study to determine the three-phase bolted fault current at each location
  5. Prepare arc-flash calculations in accordance with NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584, using SKM Power Tools
  6. Determine appropriate PPE in accordance with risk levels defined in NFPA 70E
  7. Propose arc-flash mitigation solutions for locations that exceed PPE Level 2
  8. Calculate the arc-flash protection boundary distance
  9. Document the results and provide appropriate equipment labels
  10. Provide technical and safety training on arc-flash hazard
  11. Compliance: The analysis complies with OSHA, NFPA 70E, NEC 110.16, CSA Z462 and IEEE 1584 requirements, following the NETA recommendations.

Study Report: 

  1. Following the recommendations of NETA, the results of the arc-flash study shall be summarized in a final report containing the following items:
  2. Basis, method of hazard assessment, description, purpose, scope, and date of the study
  3. Tabulations of the data used to model the system components and a corresponding one line diagram
  4. Descriptions of the scenarios evaluated and identification of the scenario used to evaluate equipment ratings
  5. Tabulations of equipment incident energies, hazard risk categories, and flash protection boundaries. The tabulation shall identify and clearly note equipment that exceeds allowable incident energy ratings
  6. Complete Arc Flash Analysis of your electrical panels
  7. Single or One-Line Diagram of the electrical distribution panels in your system
  8. Labeling of your Electrical Panels with OSHA and ANSI approved warning labels
  9. Complete Report of the Arc Flash Study for your records
  10. Arc Flash PPE Purchase advisory report and PPE supply
  11. Full Compliance of NFPA 70E and OSHA 1910 Arc Flash Regulations
  12. Conclusions and recommendations

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