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AMIS-XP is based on the MMS-4 high sensitivity magnetometer processor, and is able to process the signals from as many eight cesium magnetometer sensors, simultaneously. AMIS-XP features data recording on an internal flash card, a sunlight readable TFT LCD graphic data display, 8-channels analog input, a Garmin 16 GPS receiver for positioning and synchroniza-tion, all installed in a rugged, water resistant, and easily portable case. Data rates are available up to 100 Hz at resolutions of 0.2 pT.

A non-magnetic cart for transporting the cesium magnetometers is optionally available. A non-magnetic cart stabilizes the magnetometers, reducing the adverse effects of sensor movement when walking, and facilitates the mounting of the GPS system.

For small survey areas long power cables and a stationary high capacity battery can be used.

Various modes of operation allow the user to custom design a survey grid for their particular needs. The operator also has the ability to view his/her position on the grid and the current data profile during the survey.

Software provided with AGIS-XP includes:

  • SURVEY - navigation, guidance and data acquisition for all supported sensors
  • PEIConvert - survey preparation software permitting geographical map calibration and survey area definition. Post sur-vey navigation data can be displayed for flight path verification
  • PEIView - data quality and integrity verification program, also exports data in ASCII and / or Geosoft GBN formats

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