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Architectural Acoustics


Architectural acoustics services are needed for all types of buildings, including residential new-build or conversion schemes, hospitals, care homes, schools, commercial & industrial premises, and leisure venues. Our deep specialist knowledge enables clients across a wide range of sectors to integrate statutory acoustic requirements into their designs. This translates into schemes that can be delivered on budget, on time, and on the basis of high-grade professional advice. In a field which is highly regulatory, Red Acoustics offers an unsurpassed understanding of the intricate dynamics of compliance which creates cost and operational benefits for our clients. We are accredited under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) scheme for conducting pre–completion acoustic tests in line with Approved Document E, as well providing BINDT registered air tightness testing services to conform with Approved Document L1A.

Strategic input can be provided for:

  • Sounds Insulation in Residential Schemes (Approved Document E Noise Regulations)
  • Conversion and new build developments
  • Acoustic Design of Schools (BB93)
  • Acoustics in Hospitals & Healthcare Spaces (HTM 08:01)
  • Acoustics in Hotels and HVAC noise impact assessments
  • Acoustic design of commercial spaces including noise control in pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and retail spaces
  • Acoustic design of leisure spaces including noise and vibration control in cinemas, theatres and bowling alleys
  • Acoustic design in office and industrial spaces
  • BREEAM Sound Insulation
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Sound Insulation

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