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Architectural Acoustics Services


The firm’s experience includes using modern acoustical modeling software to evaluate the interior acoustics of medical facilities, classrooms, concert and lecture halls, auditoriums, boardrooms, multi-purpose rooms, office spaces and houses of worship. Services include Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) noise, developing acoustical design criteria, reverberation time measurements, compliance with town and state regulations, and preparing recommendations for reducing noise levels. LSG&A also reviews construction documents to ensure that the recommended acoustical design provisions have been correctly incorporated into working drawings and specifications.LSG&A is Pre-Qualified with the New Jersey School Development Authority, New Jersey Division of Property Management and Construction, and the New York City School Construction Authority.

Grub & Ellis Management Services
Improve the speech intelligibility in the Refectory and Social Hall of the Union Theological Seminary.The acoustical measurements were performed using a loudspeaker in one location and a portable precision sound pressure level analyzer positioned in multiple locations for the Refectory and Social Hall.

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