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Architectural Acoustics Services


Sound quality that approaches perfection is critical in theatres and concert halls. It is also important in spaces we utilize every day from offices and meeting rooms to classrooms, lecture halls, indoor recreation, multi-purpose rooms and places of worship. Unwanted sound takes many forms and can be problematic for various types of buildings and spaces including homes, offices, schools, restaurants and hotels. We excel in both design and troubleshooting for sound and noise isolation. Vibration and structure borne noise are also part of the complexities of building design. PTI can provide planning and solutions for HVAC, mechanical systems and structural isolation. Phase To, Inc. can ensure that your space meets expectations through our experience with design assistance, planning, modeling and finish material evaluation and selection.

Project Experience...

  • Office/Meeting Space Acoustics
  • HVAC/Mechanical Systems Design
  • Acoustic Window/Door Evaluation (STC)
  • Sound/Noise Isolation (Impact Isolation Class - IIC)
  • Room Reverberation (RT60)
  • Material/Finish Selection
  • Construction Specification
  • Acoustical Modeling
  • Sound & Vibration Measurement & Assessment
  • HIPAA Oral Privacy Compliance
  • Classroom Acoustics

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