Robert Anderson Group, Inc.

Robert Anderson Group, Inc.

Architectural and Building Acoustics Services


Creating the right acoustical space is as important for offices, call centers, workplaces, meeting spaces and living quarters as it is for entertainment and concert halls. R.A. Group can help you achieve with your noise and acoustics needs for all of your building, working and living spaces.

R.A. Group can work with you on planning and designing for noise and acoustics in your architectural spaces whether it as an industrial workplace, meeting venue or entertainment space.

We have the capability and experience to solve your building noise or acoustic issues with your existing spaces as well.  We provide assessment and measurement services to identify mechanical, reverberation and transmission noise issues that may interfere with your ability to utilize your existing spaces. R.A. Group will work with you to develop help define and implement solutions that consider feasibility, aesthetics, expectations and budget.

  • Acoustical Modeling & Design
  • Sound & Vibration Measurement
  • Room Reverberation (RT60)
  • Acoustic Performance Evaluation - Walls/Windows/Doors (STC)
  • Sound/Noise Isolation - Floors/Ceilings (Impact Isolation Class - IIC)
  • Material/Finish Selection
  • Construction Specification
  • HIPAA Oral Privacy Compliance
  • Classroom Acoustics

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