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CIO's are forever looking at technology under the microscope to remain innovative and efficient while trying to maintain a demanding change in the way business is delivered today. As a result a great deal of time is spent trying to optimize technology to get the best bang for its buck. While it may sound like a challenging adventure, it doesn't have to be. That's where Solutia can help you.

Our Architecture and Integration Team have the depth and breadth to merge old technology with the ever changing new technology like cloud computing. Our Practice team will advise you from top to bottom. This would range in performing IT strategies which includes ways to support the business needs that deliver ROI; to the creation of an enterprise architectural roadmap that would streamline applications in a cost-effective manner; to finding ways to leverage emerging technologies to give business a competitive advantage; to IT operational review and isolating inefficiencies in technology platforms.

Solutia has delivered these capabilities for our clients for years and we continue to be rewarded with testimonials such as this one.

The beginning of establishing an IT strategy starts with the definition of what business you're in what vision you have for making your company achieve successful results.

All companies develop a strategy for achieving that vision but to implement one requires experience that only some organizations can claim they have performed for their clients. At Solutia, our Practitioner has demonstrated this expertise and has helped realize our client potential vision with great results. We will perform some of the following tasks;

  • Build on the current vision of the organization
  • Deliver Market competitive information
  • Transform a strategy roadmap into an actionable document

Our Team of strategic thinkers will assist our clients from the most complex and challenging business problem into a deliverable that results in an excellent return on investment.

By definition, application integration means leveraging technical infrastructure to make many types of applications communicate with each other to achieve a business objective. The integration needs to be seamless and reliable, regardless of platform and geographical location of these applications.

The challenge that many organizations face today are that there are many hurdles that can impact your application integration efforts. These issues are often caused by enterprise IT systems crossing over multiple departments in the organization.

Organizational issues in application integration can be tricky in a larger organization. However, these companies often have the greatest need for an effective application integration environment. Therefore, it is particularly important to clearly define standards, so that development groups can focus on business needs.

At Solutia, we can help you get your application integration under control, by recommending ways to work within your existing landscape of systems and technologies. We will help you establish standards that will tighten up areas of application and technology to develop,

  • Application Integration.
  • Open standards.
  • Reusable frameworks.
  • Data consistency.

The key to our client success is made possible through Solutia focus on asking why applications need to exchange information in the first place. Applying this approach helps to control technical diversity as well as fosters consistent integration standards across the client enterprise.

Today, more than ever, there is a driving need to have organizations IT department excel at delivering excellent support to the business while maintaining a strong balance between the cost of maintaining client satisfaction over the loss of business. As a result, exploring all the avenues within an organizations IT department to look for ways to help the business stay competitive may be staring them right under your nose.

Too often the desire is to spend to stay competitive and forget that it may require only a surgical review of the existing processes and what inefficiencies lie within an IT organization to make the business stay the course with its client. The need for operational improvements will come from sources such as;

  • Operational Best Practices
  • Shared Services
  • Hardware and Software retirement retention and replacements
  • Outsourcing Non business critical units

Solutia will perform these types of analysis for our clients to help them continually improve their core operations of service.

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