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Architecture is about balance: the balance between form and function, between creative and practical, and between the built and natural environment. H2M’s cooperative approach to architecture means that our design teams are both grounded and progressive, and that our designs are both attainable and sustainable. Through collaboration, peer critiques, and design mentorship, we apply best practices to meet the current and future needs of our clients and communities.  Whether we’re fitting a firehouse into a close-knit residential block or developing LEED-certified senior housing for an urban neighborhood, we balance a practical approach with creative results.

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors.  Our indoor environments have the capacity to be ordinary or inspiring, and every interior design project presents a unique set of challenges.  Choices of colors, fixtures, lighting, and materials can make or break your space and budget, and it can be a challenge to blend aesthetics with function.  From classrooms to showrooms, H2M considers all the angles to create inspiring, functional spaces wherever you spend your time.

Sustainability isn’t something we do; it’s something we live. We all have a responsibility to the environment and to future generations.

Our sustainable designs incorporate a “whole systems approach.” Minimizing the impact of the project on our environment, we take into account the building envelope, electrical and mechanical systems, site characteristics, local environment, and materials used. Our plans for municipalities and neighborhoods consider how to balance transportation demands and economics with environmental conservation, historic preservation, and the community’s quality of life.

We believe that sustainability doesn’t have to cost more. Using integrated design, analysis, and research, we design projects that take a practical and efficient approach to sustainability.

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