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Bioclear earth b.v.

Area-Oriented Groundwater Management Services



Bioclear provides its clients with a thorough assessment of the various area-oriented options and develops this into practical implementation programmes supplemented with the necessary policy-supporting documents.

The continuous growth of our economy and the steady urban sprawl has caused increasing pressure on supplies of clean water and soil. Bioclear advises, designs and supervises the development and implementation of sustainable solutions which continue to make the desired growth possible. In addition to an effective biological approach to cases of contamination we also opt, more and more frequently, for an area-oriented approach which integrates the methods used to tackle, for example, large-scale groundwater contamination and overground spatial developments. Such plans are used to prevent stagnation of urban development and reduce the decontamination costs. We also try to use the soil to generate a return, for example by the use of energy storage (WKO). Our point of departure is always to preserve the quality of the soil and groundwater, important resources now and in the future, and improve them in an efficient way. We regard it as a challenge to use and protect the services which the soil and other ecosystems provide and to ensure that economy and ecology go hand in hand.

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