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Companies that deliver complex machines and devices are often challenged by technical service requirements. Enabling service teams to meet this challenge was the inspiration for our Argo Remote Service Platform. This hosted application provides a foundation for a Smart Services program which enables the right person to deliver the right skills at the right place, with the least cost and the greatest speed. With Argo, both manufacturers and service providers have an affordable and secure environment to take advantage of the benefits of remote service.

Argo is a web application hosted in the cloud that controls access to remote devices and enables technical support service providers and other users to connect to remote equipment safely and securely from any location. Equipment owners use Argo to create, manage, and distribute access “keys” to designated support professionals. Access to all equipment is controlled by the Argo server enabling granular control for each individual machine.

High-speed secure tunnels through the Internet connect Argo’s gateway server with the users’ web browsers and machines around the world. No additional VPN software or training of service personnel is required, since they use a standard web browser and the same control software they would on-site to examine and rectify problems.

Reports are provided to audit access to equipment, facilitate system management, measure user activity, network status, and provide remote troubleshooting summaries.

  • Works with other Ei3 products to provide a complete solution for Smart Service delivery
  • “White Label” Style and Branding
  • Integrates to existing networks and firewalls
  • Patented technology allows access to a wide range of devices
  • Remote access control and reporting
  • Enterprise user management with support for multiple tier organizations
  • Online technical information document library
  • Operates on a highly available hosted enterprise platform

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