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Understanding the AS 9100 rev C: AS 9100 is a Quality Management System specially designed for the aerospace industry and was first designed in the late 1990s. ISO 9100 and ISO 9000 certifications are based on ISO 9001 including supplementary requirements for quality and safety. ISO 9100 revision C is the latest update of the standard and it includes requirements for risk management. AS 9100 certification is a condition for doing business in the aerospace industry.

AS9100 certification is designed for organizations that cater to space, defense, and aviation industries. The standard can be applied across the Supply Chain. AS9100 is intended to be used by the organizations involved in designing, development and production of space, defense, and aviation products as well as the organizations that offer post delivery support. The standard covers those offering maintenance, spare parts or material of their own products.

AS 9100 certification includes compliance with ISO 9001 standard as well as additional requirements for quality, safety and risk management, as it pertains to the aerospace industry. AS 9100 certification requirements include:

  • Defining a policy and objectives of the quality management system
  • Defining, streamlining and documenting of all core processes including configuration management, risk management, design and product realization processes
  • Control and evaluation of suppliers
  • Communicating the policy and objectives of the QMS throughout the organization
  • Measuring the quality of the product quality and management system
  • Implementing a corrective action and auditing procedures to insure continual improvement

  • Boosted revenue and competitiveness
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Continual product quality
  • Improved supplier performance and customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee commitment

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