As Built Verification & Build Drafting Services



GPR Data Inc. pioneered the use of ground penetrating radar to create As Built documentation for existing construction.

Over time, we have continuously refined and improved this non-destructive service. Older structures and properties often have incomplete records. Newer facilities may lack documentation for specific areas which prove necessary for changes in architecture. From supplemental documentation to fill out existing records, to the creation of comprehensive plans characterizing every detail, we offer a service fully tailored to your needs. We utilize high resolution ground penetrating radar3D imagingto create detailed maps, and deliver this information in the format most suited to your needs, up through 3D/2D to-scale AutoCAD drawings.

One example of this service is Union Station in Portland, Oregon. This historic brick structure dates back to 1902. During a phase of significant seismic upgrades, obstructions were encountered during construction. GPR Data was called in for their expertise in 3D imaging & knowledge of Historic Building Preservation, to create As Built Documentation of these embedded obstructions.

Roughly 3200 sq ft. of historic masonry brick wall was imaged, analyzed, & output back to our customer in a professionally acquired information database that will be used for multiple phases of seismic retrofitting.

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