Oil Stop Division of AMPOL American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL)

Asbestos Abatement Services



Safety/Training; AMPOL Licensed Contractor in most states. AMPOL personnel accredited in most states. AMPOL personnel medically approved. AMPOL insured for all types of abatement activities.

  • Samples
    • Accredited Licensed Asbestos Inspectors, utilizing accredited labs
    • PLM, PCM, and TEM sampling provided as requested
    • Sample, Personnel and Area monitoring
    • Profiling of ACM waste
  • Asbestos Operations
    • Onshore/Offshore
    • Friable/Non-Friable
    • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential
    • AHERA for Schools K12
    • Required and licensed storage and transportation of ACM waste
    • TSI, Surfacing, and all asbestos containing materials
    • Non asbestos insulation replacement if requested
    • Day Rate, or Turnkey operations

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