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Asbestos Air Monitoring

On large projects, immediate on-site analysis may be available when rapid turnaround is required. All Pinchin PCM analysts participate in the IRSST round robin program for air sample analysis. Air Monitoring samples for PCM analysis are prepared and analyzed according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Method 7400 dated August 15, 1994. Sample analysis is performed using the 'B' set of counting rules. It is important to note that in this method, fibres are not identified. All particles with a length greater than 5 micrometres, less than 3 micrometres in diameter and a length to diameter ratio of 3 to 1 or greater are included in the count. Fibres with diameters less than about 0.3 micrometres cannot be detected using this method regardless of length.

Quality control measures taken by this laboratory for sample preparation and fibre counting follow the protocol described in the NIOSH 7400 Method. For this laboratory, intra and inter-counter variations as well as intra-sample variations have been consistently below the control limits specified by NIOSH.

The reliable quantitation limit of this method, determined from in-house quality control data, is based on a minimum fibre density on the filter of 50 fibres/mm 2 (this represents 40 fibres counted in 100 fields). Below this level, too few fibres are detected to allow meaningful reporting. The quantitation limit in fibres per millilitre of air is directly related to the volume of air sampled. For example, for a sampling volume of 360 litres collected on a 25 mm diameter filter, the quantitation limit would be 0.05 fibres per millilitre of air.

All PCM cassettes submitted to this laboratory for fibre analysis are retained for a minimum of three months. Samples may be retrieved, upon request, at any time during that period.

Preliminary fax results for Regular Turnaround samples are issued in five business days.  The results for Rush Turnaround samples are provided within one business day.  Written reports follow by mail.  The written report consists of a covering letter and a table of results.

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