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All Phase Environmental, Inc.

Asbestos Air Sampling Services


Asbestos abatement contractors violating construction standards and regulations can expose you and your company to civil and criminal liabilities. The fiscal risks include: penalties and fines from regulatory agencies, lawsuits from building workers or tenants, and damages to your real property. When All Phase Environmental performs construction monitoring and air sampling services, we will protect your interests by having trained and certified professionals on site at all times during the asbestos abatement process. We can also measure the fiber concentration during removal projects and insure your building is always safe to be occupied by your staff or the public.

What We Will Do For You
An All Phase Environmental, Inc. employee will observe and document compliance with relevant regulations and standards and note the protective measures taken to isolate the work area from the occupants. We will provide on-site direction to correct problems and prevent the illegal removal of ACM. We will take OSHA personnel samples and area air samples to insure the fiber concentration levels are not exposing the contractor’s employees to asbestos fibers. We will also sample outside the asbestos removal area to insure your building occupants are not exposed to elevated levels of airborne asbestos fibers. Our personnel will conduct visual inspections and air sampling to provide you with final project clearance documentation.

Protecting Your Liabilities
Construction monitoring and air sampling records are important legal documents illustrating your responsible actions and protecting you from future liability. Our specialists are licensed in several states, including California. They are also certified Asbestos Abatement Supervisors and National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH 582) certified.

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