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Asbestos air testing is an activity where a known rate of air is drawn through a filter over a measured period of time. During this time, airborne particles are collected on to the filter. The filter is then prepared for examination under a microscope. A representative percentage of the filtered is examined using phase contrast microscopy to count all fibres seen. Only fibres which meet the set size criteria are then counted over a number of areas. The number of fibres counted on the filter is then divided by the volume of air collected to calculate the overall fibre concentration. This is shown as fibres per cubic centimetre of air (f/cm³).

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This form of air testing is used in order to evaluate asbestos exposure to your employees and is required in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. It can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your asbestos control measures being utilised during asbestos works;
  • To assess whether the control limit is exceeded so that you can select the appropriate RPE to be used;
  • To assess that the RPE you plan to use is adequate and will provide you with the correct level of protection;
  • Provide information in relation to asbestos exposure for your medical surveillance records;
  • Provide important risk assessment details to support your current and future asbestos works.

Background Air Testing

This form of air testing is generally conducted when you require evidence or a check that fibre levels in the air are below the recommended level. This is usually carried when you have minor remedial works undertaken or when accidental damage has occurred to asbestos materials within your property. It can also be used as part of an over-all monitoring strategy to manage asbestos-related risks.

Leakage Air Testing

This form of air testing is used to measure the airborne fibre concentration outside a live asbestos removal enclosure at your premises in order to determine whether the integrity of the enclosure is being maintained and that that control measures are adequate. Leakage air testing is used to support an initial smoke test and the frequent thorough visual inspections of an enclosure during removal work.

Reassurance Air Testing

This form of air testing is generally used to measure airborne fibre concentration following asbestos removal works to confirm that the residual asbestos fibre concentrations are <0.01 f/cm³.

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