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Asbestos In Bulk Material Services


The analysis of the sample(s) within 36 hours (working days) from the time we receive the sample(s) at the laboratory.The report sent via email and if you wish to your mailbox as a paper copy (no additional cost).You have to send the sample(s) yourself to the laboratory.

Objective of the analysis : Detect the presence of asbestos in bulk materials.

Results obtained : You know whether the sample contains asbestos or not. The asbestos type and the quantity are also given.

Analysis deadline : Result within 36 hours from the time we receive the sample at the laboratory (working days).

International recognition : Our analyses are accredited to ISO 17'025 (link). This accreditation is internationally recognized. You can find the countries list recognizing the accreditation using this link.

Method : The samples are analyzed by polarized light optical microscopy according to English standard MDHS 77 (Methods for the determination of hazardous substances. Asbestos in bulk materials. Sampling and identification by polarized light microscopy, 1994-06), with treatments optimization (acidification/combustion).

Sampling : To avoid dust formation spray soapy water above the material before sampling (if possible take a piece which is already broken). It is recommended to collect a sample of at least 3 cm x 3 cm (1.2 in x 1.2 in). Place the sample in two successive sealed plastic bags. Do not use electrical devices. For more information please follow this link (in French).

Mailing : To mail samples to Switzerland is extremely easy because of the Swiss high quality postal services. For many countries around the world, the easiest and cheapest way is to use their national postal services, which will transport the packages or letters rapidly. For certain Swiss locations, Labtox provides a samples collecting service (please contact us for more information).

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