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Source Environmental Sciences, Inc.

Asbestos Inspections and Management Plans



Many real estate management companies, lenders and real estate attorneys are now requiring that asbestos inspections be performed at non-residential property being sold or leased. The asbestos inspectors from SOURCE are certified via EPA approved training courses. They take special care to collect samples from locations that will cause the least damage to the property being inspected. Proper chain-of- custody procedures are followed with each sample from the time the sample is collected until it is analyzed at the laboratory. The asbestos services performed by Source include visual building surveys, development of asbestos sampling plans and analyses of suspected asbestos containing building materials as well as evaluation of survey results.

Source can also prepare asbestos management plans for the removal, repair or encapsulation of asbestos materials in buildings; develop operations and maintenance plans; train custodial personnel and building occupants; and provide building owners with options and cost estimates for asbestos abatement programs. The firm's experience and specialization in air quality makes Source especially well qualified to perform asbestos air monitoring operations and studies. Studies of indoor and outdoor air flow and dispersion of airborne asbestos fibers are also within the scope of Source's normal air quality services.

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