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An asbestos survey is an examination of a building (or object) to the presence of asbestos. The survey is conducted by a trained and certified expert. An asbestos survey clarifies whether asbestos is present in a building, for which types of asbestos is, those places where the applications are located and the condition of the material. On the basis of risk classes is determined what requirements must be met if the asbestos is removed. During the inventory is also a (global) risk assessment conducted which looked at the potential risk to the users of the building. Based on this information, whether direct removal is necessary or whether further investigation is needed.

Type asbestos inventory 
Asbestos inventories should be conducted according to the SC-540 and may only be performed by certified companies, PJ Milieu BV has been certified. See the website Ascert for detailed information. Basically there are two types of asbestos surveys; an asbestos inventory type A and type B. 
A full asbestos survey (type A) consists of a research (desk research), an inspection of the entire building along with sampling and analysis and reporting. For this, all areas must be inspected. It is possible that there are places in the building (for example, foundations or channels) for which destructive testing is necessary. This should then optionally in an additional asbestos inventory (type B) to be examined.

The results of the asbestos survey to be expanded and bright in a report. This report is necessary to (have) asbestos removal and demolition to make a report to the council.

The reason 
for the demolition of a building, removing asbestos-containing material during construction or remodeling is a demolition notice required. When the complete or partial removal of asbestos should also always an asbestos inventory report are present. This requirement follows from the Asbestos Removal Decree and the Decree .

It is not always necessary to remove the asbestos-containing material. In cases where asbestos poses no risks can be managed, for asbestos in the building can be set up an asbestos management plan. An asbestos management plan in accordance with NEN 2991.

When a building is in use, and simply remains in use in addition to capturing the asbestos-containing materials, determine any actual health risks is very important. In those situations, it makes sense also additionally or simultaneously with the asbestos survey, conduct a risk assessment in accordance with NEN 2991. Here the risks are determined by taking air and adhesive samples.

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