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Changes in asbestos regulations have imposed more requirements on all building owners with these regulations specifically defining how asbestos-containing material (ACM) should be handled and who is licensed to handle it. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), asbestos is regulated in the private sector (residential, commercial, and industry), with some states also having their own more stringent asbestos regulations and licensing requirements. We assist clients in complying with this maze of regulations.

Our Environmental Protection Agency-certified asbestos inspectors, management planners, project designers, and contractor supervisors can evaluate the situation and provide a solution that best meets client’s needs helping them comply with the many regulations imposed. Under the OSHA regulations, building owners are required to treat thermal system insulation, troweled-on or sprayed-on surfacing material and asphalt and vinyl flooring material installed prior to 1981 as presumed ACM (PACM) unless proven otherwise by an asbestos inspection. In addition to these obligations, building owners are required to label ACM and notify contractors, subcontractors, and tenants of occupants in ACM and PACM areas, whether a client needs inspection services, bid specification prepared, or contractor oversight, our staff has the expertise to ensure that the project is performed legally and cost effectively.

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