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A asbestos management survey is generally described as a standard sampling survey. It’s purpose is locate, as far as possible, the presence and amount of any suspect asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in a building. This survey will provide you with detailed information on the ACMs present within your building which may be disturbed during normal occupancy. The survey should include inspecting areas where you undertake everyday maintenance activities. The most important element of this survey is providing you with an assessment on the condition of the asbestos materials in your building (Material Risk Assessment).


Management surveys will generally include visual inspections of ceilings, walls, floors, risers, accessible ducts, service risers, lofts etc. Basically our surveyors will inspect all areas within your building to locate all surface level asbestos containing materials. All areas where you would expect general maintenance activities to take place are inspected during this survey. Although none destructive, asbestos management surveys can include some invasive work and some disturbance. However it will not cause major damage to your building.

During the survey, samples of suspect materials will be collected, where required. These samples are then taken to our own in house laboratory for analysis, to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos. Every effort will be made by the surveying team to positively identify suspect materials through sampling. Positive and negative sample collection will be carried out to give a comprehensive detailed report.

Material risk assessments are carried out on all suspect materials and samples collected. A material risk assessment assesses the likelihood of the material releasing asbestos fibre should it be damaged or disturbed. This assessment forms the basis towards assessing the overall risk from the asbestos materials.

From our head office in Birstall, Yorkshire in the North (near Leeds, between Dewsbury and Brighouse) we are ideally located to provide our services nationally. Our asbestos surveyors undertake all types of asbestos survey anywhere in the UK.

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