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TECNOLOGIE INDUSTRIALI & AMBIENTALI started working in the area of asbestos removal in Milan at the end of the 1980s, at the beginning of this specific market in Italy. Together with the traditional areas of the removal of asbestos, industrial sites and public buildings, the company also worked on an important project for the removal of asbestos from train carriages for the Ferrovie dello Stato, Italian Railway System, and successively for Trenitalia . This activity was done in the factory in Migliaro (FE).


Today, TECNOLOGIE INDUSTRIALI & AMBIENTALI is without doubt the most important Italian company/contractor in its sector, It has followed the most demanding and important interventions, especially in the area of the removal of friable asbestos in large buildings. The following is a list of the most important examples:

  • The most important buildings in Rome EUR

Among which the removal of the asbestos from 18 floors, 35,000 m2 of the Poste (Italian post offices) . It was an intervention in which it attributed the National Asbestos Commission ex L257/92 for the preparation of the delegated decree of that law

  • The asbestos removal in the ex Eternit di Bagnoni factory
  • The asbestos removal in the ENEL AND ENI industries
  • The asbestos removal in the ex-Italtel factory in Milan. Today it is the new headquarters for the(Italian newspaper) Il Sole 24 ore. 

Thanks to the Qualibat certification , the numerous projects have been completed in France, especially in Paris and Lyon, such as the asbestos removal in the Tour Gan , Tour Winterthur , Tour Montparnasse and the Cancer Research building.

TI&A is one of the leading European companies in the area of the asbestos removal. The company offers a wide range of services:

  • Preliminary studies and environmental monitoring
  • Risk evaluation ( mandatory by 277/91 law and D.M. 6 June 1994)
  • The interventions of the removal and the disposal of toxic wast
  • Restorations with coverings (panels) according to the regulations

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