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Assessing Vibration


The need to manage and control vibration can lead to escalating costs and regulatory complications if expert professional advice is not built into projects at an early stage. In some cases anti-vibration bearings, pads, springs or isolators are necessary to reduce or mitigate vibrations from existing or proposed sources. Among sectors affected by vibration are: noise sensitive spaces including residential developments, hotels, schools, offices and hospitals and healthcare spaces due to proximity, to railways, building & construction sites and heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) plant items.

Red Acoustics delivers a comprehensive suite of testing and assessment services across all these areas and more. Our extensive portfolio of projects includes:

  • Vibration transfer in buildings to assess existing sound insulation performance before conversion or development
  • HVAC vibration assessment and design guidance
  • Rail vibration measurement and impact assessments
  • Vibration isolation of bowling alleys and other leisure facilities
  • Evaluation of the vibration impact of construction sites

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