Assessment & Management of Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services



SNC-Lavalin Environment & Water (E&W) is well-versed in all aspects of life sciences and the need to address the potential biological impact of projects located across the globe. We are internationally active in supporting project efforts to assess and manage biodiversity through a variety of sustainable solutions. Our network of 1300+ employees and international experts are available to offer our clients multidisciplinary expertise on a number of specialized topics in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystem management.

  •  Inventory and assessment of habitats and monitoring of the different elements of biodiversity
  • Impact studies targeting biological systems and the ecosystem services important to local communities
  • Design and implementation of mitigation plans and offset measures aimed at achieving no net loss of ecosystem services or biodiversity, in compliance with International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (PS-6)
  • Support for conservation planning and management of protected areas
  • Quantification and monetary valuation of ecosystem services
  • Site redevelopment, re-vegetation and stabilization of banks and slopes through phytoengineering
  • Restoration of damaged ecosystems such as wetlands, mine sites or contaminated sites
  • Design of ecological infrastructures like biological corridors, wildlife passages, sedimentation basins and green dependencies
  • Implementation of the ecosystem approach in water management and in adaptation to climate change
  • Management of urban biodiversity, wildlife interpretation, ecotourism and characterization of cultural diversity
  • Development of policies, strategies, laws and practices related to biodiversity conservation
  • Institutional support and capacity building
  • Assessment of the interdependence between corporations, biodiversity and ecosystem services, so as to identify corporate risks and business opportunities 

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