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GLE Associates

Assessment & Remediation Services


GLE’s offices are staffed with professional engineers, geologists and senior scientists, who have considerable experience in the assessment of property impacts (e.g. petroleum, solvents), identification, evaluation and selection of remediation treatment technologies (e.g. Excavation, air-sparge/soil vapor extraction (AS/SVE), Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE), Multi-phase Extraction (MPE), land farming, soil washing and/or Bioremediation) for cleanup of a facility.

GLE can provide the following environmental assessment and cleanup services:

  • Site assessments and SAR preparation
  • Remedial action plan preparation (LSRAPs and Full RAP Preparation)
  • Bid package preparation and bidding services
  • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Remediation system installation/construction (RAC)
  • Remediation system operation & maintenance (O&M)
  • Well sampling and site monitoring (PARM)
  • Site reconstruction to pre-cleanup conditions

GLE’s senior engineers and geologists have vast experience, giving them the ability to easily identify whether remediation is required or if site-specific, alternative site rehabilitation levels (SRLs) may be proposed. GLE’s professional geologists and engineers have extensive experience negotiating with State (FDEP) and local environmental regulatory agencies to ensure that remedial action is taken only if necessary and appropriate. Additional environmental services GLE offers, regarding petroleum distribution systems include the following:

  • Closure assessments (tanks, spill buckets, sumps, dispenser liners) conducted with 24 hours notice (field work completed in 48 hours)
  • LCAR preparation for secondary discharges conducted within 30 days (historic and current plume size comparison conducted prior to report submittal)
  • SRFA agreement negotiation (contamination constituent and plume size comparisons conducted and estimated cost impact calculated prior to SRFA negotiation with FDEP)
  • Limited source removal initiative site cleanup with UST upgrades evaluations (FDEP funded work)
  • UST upgrades/remediation system installation coordination (FDEP funded work for active sites in cleanup program)

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