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Many Water Companies learned in the last Price Review period just how important it is to have an accurately populated asset stock list to fully value their asset base. The Regulator now insists that Water Companies understand what their fixed asset stock is worth. Having up-to-date management systems is simply not enough. These systems must be populated appropriately with asset information that allow Water Companies to value their businesses and enable a meaningful and accurate price determination submission to the Regulator at the next review period. Aqua Consultants in partnership with your organisation can facilitate this by introducing a comprehensive programme of surveys and data capture. This can be extended to include other business needs such as criticality and condition reporting. With PR14, AMP 6 and Private Sewer Transfer legislation literally just around the corner now is the time to contact Aqua Consultants.

The Aqua team of water industry specialists can benchmark your current position and recommend to you the programme of change required to bring your asset data quality up to the required level.

There are many benefits to improved asset data quality, not least you can accurately value your business. Our team comprises wholly of Water Industry professionals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge and a full understanding of the regulatory pressures within the modern Water Industry.

Aqua Consultants can provide full system and software support to enable its clients to realise the full potential of their systems and asset data.

Aqua Consultants has the knowledge and understanding of Asset Data Management to enable your business to understand its asset base more accurately.

  • On site data surveys
  • Provision of precise on site attribution information
  • Asset condition reporting
  • Asset validation and benchmarking
  • Systems advice and support
  • Training in asset data collection techniques
  • Client support from industry professionals

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