Electronic Recyclers International, Inc (ERI)

Asset Management

ERI employs a staff of exceptionally qualified employees who specialize in complete asset management services ensuring proper disposition of electronics assets.

  • Logistical/Inventory Support - ERI provides logistical support associated with inventory management which includes coordinating electronic equipment pick-up, transportation of items to a central location for testing, auditing, and redistributing items depending on the items condition. Of the equipment collected, certain items will be donated or redeployed, other items will be upgraded, remarketed, and resold, while the remaining items will be dismantled, reclaimed and recycled.
  • Testing, Auditing and Tracking - Once equipment has been received and is centrally located, ERI will perform testing and auditing services to determine the usefulness of the item and to capture important tracking information from each major component.
  • Data Security - Due to the sensitive information contained in almost all electronic memory components, the contractor must follow a stringent data management process to ensure that sensitive data is not inadvertently compromised.
  • Valuation Process - ERI will determine current market conditions and identify equipment that can be resold at a fair and reasonable price. Part of the validation process includes a determination on what type of a return-on- investment can be achieved.
  • Recycling - ERI will dismantle electronic equipment that has been determined to be beyond upgrade or refurbishment. Reclamation of this type of equipment will involve a decision process regarding which parts can be recycled for possible use in other equipment, which parts can be resold on the commercial market, and which parts have no useful market value and must be property disposed in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Management and Technical Support - ERI will provide management and technical advice regarding all of the elements described above. ERI will manage the entire process to ensure that electronic items are not merely sent to landfills. Part of the management process includes: overseeing the testing, demanufacture, and reclamation process; determining the feasibility of redeployment and remarketing: reporting on the destination of major components; and certifying that usable items are reduced to re-usable components and /or recycled.

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