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The importance of a strategic approach to planning and managing the network is greater than ever. We have the techniques to make informed decisions by running different scenarios that challenge traditional cost basis and consider aspects such as whole life costing and lifecycle replacement. Our asset management approach is founded on our experience from the Portsmouth PFI contract, complemented by our bespoke asset management techniques and our investment in research and innovative products.  The unique combination of these in-house capabilities promotes a more proactive management of network maintenance based on informed treatment decisions and 'intelligence led' maintenance.


Hummock is a bespoke asset management tool developed to determine the deterioration and optimum treatment of the highway assets. It is used to manage the asset management optimisation on the basis of technical solutions as well as financial and works constraints. The system allows us to input constraints from different perspectives to demonstrate the impact different treatments and products can have on the whole life cost of the network. The ability to run 'what if' scenarios can provide support to our customers with the development of short and long term programmes of maintenance works as well as major schemes.

Rational Design Approach (RDA)

RDA is an alternative method of calculating the condition and residual life of composite pavements. This tool provides a leaner design for carriageways, whilst still delivering the required performance. The RDA approach delivers best value solutions by designs based on reality rather than standardised solutions. Using a rational calculation process, we can directly account for existing pavement and new material properties. 

Ecologiciel - Produced by the Colas Campus of Science and Technology (CST) EcologicieL is a bespoke software application used to evaluate the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and energy consumption of various pavement design options. 

Proactive maintenance

By collecting and analysing asset data we adopt an 'intelligence led' approach to maintenance and develop lifecycle programmes for different asset groups which form the foundation of a methodical, proactive maintenance regime.

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