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Asset Management


Our Asset Management Program (AMP) is a Risk Management and Critical Analysis system to arrive at good business decisions for our clients. The benefits of the AMP are as follows: Identifies upfront, costly fatal flaws in a Business Plan or specific business objective. Defines the relative risk and associated probable costs for selected business scenarios in support of Business Planning. The AMP is a self-sustaining process designed to fit your specific business needs. The bottom line is that the AMP system saves you money and manages business risk.

The System

The AMP system consists of the following nine operative elements:

  1. Critical Analysis of Business Objectives or Needs.
  2. Quantification of Assets (Liabilities).
  3. Analysis of the Relative Risks Posed by the Assets.
  4. Critical Re-Analysis of the Business Objectives.
  5. Modification of the Business Objectives.
  6. Development of Activities to Achieve the Business Objectives.
  7. Quantification of the Costs and Risks of Implementation.
  8. Fine Tuning of the Plan Activities, Costs, and Risks.
  9. Execution and Compliance Assurance.

The AMP system is based on sound business and scientific critical analysis using factual data, standardized protocols and modeling software. Although we are passionate about the benefits of the AMP system, the system does not respond to emotion or political agendas. As such, the system outcomes represent stark reality.

When is the AMP Used?

By way of example, the AMP system is used for the following purposes:

  1. Assessment of Individual Sites for Development and/or Reuse.
  2. Acquisition, Modification and/or Divestiture of Physical Assets as part of Portfolio Management.
  3. Integration of Facilities, Cost Accounting, Construction, and Business Development Departments.
  4. Screening of Multiple Sites for Development and/or Reuse.
  5. Selecting Cost-Effective Development Strategies on a Site-Specific Basis.
  6. Assessment of Project Development Funding Options.

The AMP system is flexible to accommodate specific needs and settings. We continue to adjust the AMP system protocols based on experience which serves to enhance the power of the system.

What Are the AMP System Outputs?

The AMP system outputs consist of a series of tabulated input data, score cards of risk, probabilistic model results of cost by activity or scenario, and ranking of the outcomes based on cost and risk. Elements such as cash flow, return on investment, and schedule are incorporated into the critical analysis. These outputs are incorporated into a Report of Findings and Recommendations for consideration by the client.

The AMP system is dynamic, self-fortified through the critical analysis process, and requires intimate ongoing communications between us and you, because after all, the system is being created for your ongoing use and perfection.

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