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Asset Preservation & Reorganization Support Services


Re-organizing the structure of a business presents challenges in the best of circumstances. As a business grows, it will face changes in its market sector. Changes in direction of the business may be beyond the comfort zone of the principals, yet may be necessary in order to maintain market share. For some businesses, attempts at growth may have weakened the business’ foundation, and refocusing on core skills and principles may be needed.

Furthermore, re-organization can be especially challenging when the circumstances are unfortunate, due to divorce, a death of a partner, the withdrawal of a principal, a financial crisis, or the criminal conduct of an employee. These situations present challenges beyond those of a normal reorganization, and can be detrimental to the business’ continuing smooth operations, and can even threaten the business’ survival. The business’ management team may be the least qualified to deal with this situation precisely because of the close involvement with the business that normally makes them so effective.

Whether the re-organization is planned and routine, or the result of one of life’s more challenging circumstances, Sterner Consulting provides Asset Preservation and reorganization consulting, logistics, and staffing support to ensure your business effectively weathers the transition. We help companies avoid the perils of external intervention and assist secured lenders and investors in monetizing their security interest in a business or project.

Sterner Consulting works with your business to ensure that financial institutions, appointed trustees, and to companies communicate and work effectively in the reorganization process. We recognize and help balance the sometimes conflicting priorities of completing the re-organization and while continuing operations and restructuring agreements to preserve the assets and value of a business or project.

Sterner consulting will utilize the skills and resources your business needs to change management strategies in an efficient manner, and to maximize the preservation of capital assets in difficult transitions. Services we provide include:

  • Forensic/operational accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Governmental casework interface
  • Operational stewardship
  • Asset preservation plans
  • Asset protection plans
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Asset protection strategy
  • Business estate planning
  • Business property trust
  • Business loss prevention

One or a combination of these services may be required to work through a difficult situation or reorganize. Finally, if necessary, we can assist in the orderly liquidation or auction of assets or operations.

Litigation Support Services
Sterner Consulting provides expert litigation support services for mergers and acquisitions in general, and for cases involving the solid waste industry in particular. Our principals have acted as expert witnesses and prepared topical declarations for some of the industry’s largest solid waste and electronic waste cases.

Litigation support services include reporting, documentation, and expert testimony in public hearings and appeals cases. Sterner Consulting’s expertise covers a wide range of solid waste management issues related to landfills, transfer facility operation, transportation and logistics issues, specialty waste processing operations, and ongoing TSDF permit compliance as well as new applications.

In addition, Sterner Consulting provides business valuation services, as well as forensic accounting services to support internal investigations or subsequent litigation where fraud or embezzlement is suspected. These services include investigating financial statement frauds, and evaluating financial disclosures in partnership, divorce, and probate cases. Contact Sterner Consulting for any of these litigation support needs:

  • Litigation support
  • Financial forensics
  • Valuation litigation
  • Financial litigation support
  • Expert witness
  • Electronic discovery
  • Forensic accounting
  • Legal support services
  • Business information management
  • Legal discovery services
  • Digital discovery
  • Forensic audits
  • Financial litigation
  • Trial consultant

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