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Asset Recovery & Recycling Services


Green-Port Environmental considers recycling an important component of the 4R's waste philosophy.  Our knowledge and experience with many recycling initiatives has resulted in savings to our clients by minimizing the volume of waste that ends up in landfill.  Over 90% of GPE's business is derived from recycling services.  We presently recycle over 96% of the materials received at our facility.  We expect to improve on that statistic after installation of in-line process equipment.  Green-Port has its sights set on additional research and development with the intent to recycle the ceramic insulators from transformers.

Green-Port's understanding and relationship with an expanding network of recyclers, reclaimers, and end-users is the reason why our clients call us first when they need fast, safe and reliable results.

Below is a partial list of the recyclables/commodies we handle:

  • Electro-mechanical and solid state hydro meters generated from SMART program
  • Water meter recycling and disposal
  • Transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, motors, wire and cable
  • Air conditioners and refrigerant extraction & disposal
  • Catalytic converters and related automotive parts
  • Transformer and motor oil recycling and recovery
  • Cardboard and paper products
  • Plastics of all types and description
  • E-waste and populated circuit boards
  • Fluorescent and electronic ballasts
  • Specialty Wastes (rubber, tires, wood, white goods, glass)
  • Roll-off Service, and Bulk Trailer Transport and Disposal
  • Certificates of Recycling/Destruction and/or Disposal issued

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