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ATEX Installations Services


Bart Sp. z o.o. focuses on designing and implementation of dust extraction installations that can create an explosive atmosphere. Our extensive experience allows us to take up new challenges regardless of the class of explosion. We design and construct in accordance with the requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and take into account requirements of the Investor in respect of its liability as per the Directive ATEX 137 Our systems are used in Electric Power Plants, Chemical Industry Plants, Food Industry Plants, Pharmaceutical Industry Plants, and others.

As part of the project, we carry out dust explosion studies and carry out risk analyses for the new system. 

Implemented project takes into account the required formal evaluation of applied devices and system components to ensure the positive results of assessment of explosion risk.

Analysis of project involves four steps:

1) Preliminary analysis of the problem:

  • risk analysis,
  • development of method of minimizing the risk of explosion,
  • execution of project of the installation including the risks involved and methods of its limitations,

2) Stage of implementation:

  • control of devices and safety equipment,
  • assembly and quality control,
  • identification of devices and system components

3) Start-up and adjustment:

  • initial start-up of the installation,
  • measurement, testing and checking activities,
  • adjustment of the system,
  • installation risk analysis - verification with respect to design assumptions,    ontrol of devices and safety equipment,

4) Stage of documentation:

  • preparation of as-built design taking into account changes generated at the stage of implementation,
  • development of the operating manual,
  • CE marking and issuance of EC declaration of conformity

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