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Atmospheric Pollution Solution



There are lots of needs for the assessment of the air quality exhausted from an an industrial process, whether to follow the legal constraints, to understand the impact of a process for its own improvement or to prevent conflicts with the neighbourhood due to an environmental nuisance.


Certech supports you in your investigations to define all the key parameters, the sampling techniques and the adequate analyses, in accordance with the standards, which will provide a diagnostic of your situation. We also develop customized methods on demand.

Our expertise covers a wide range of parameters for many chemical pollutants. To reach such a high level within this field, we are not only using classical analytical methods but also techniques which are based on the human detection of smells and odours.

Our teams work directly on industrial sites to carry out the continuous monitoring of the different parameters of interest (total VOCs, combustion gases, ...). We also perform spot sampling campaigns (specific VOCs, dust, odours, ...) which will then be analysed by our laboratory. In addition to these diagnostics, we can also model the atmospheric dispersion of a pollutant or support our customersto develop a plan to reduce their emissions. As an independant center, we are linked neither to manufacturers, politics nor to neighbourhood association and our scientific interpretations are free of any sort of lobbies.

Our main fields of activity are listed below:

  • Industry: fertilisers, animal food, chemicals, steel, coatings, chipboards, frozen food, yeasts, corrugated iron, pharmaceutics, polymers, paper, dairy products, automobile (bodywork),...
  • Suppliers: automotive, household appliances, abatement systems,...
  • Storage and treatment units: treatment plant, landfill site, wastes sorting and treatment units, composting center, biogas unit,...
  • Research centers: animal husbandry, buildings,...
  • Public organisms and authorities

Certech is accredited by the Walloon region for the sampling, analysis and research in the field of air quality (including odours), as well as for the measurement by dynamic olfactometry and odour tracing by a panel of odour experts.

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