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Highway and Safety Services, Inc.

ATSSA Flagger Certification Classes

The ATSSA Flagger Certification Course is based on the MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) Millenium Edition, the national standard created by the Highway Safety Act. This is the recognized Flagger Certification Program for Maryland and many other states. If your state has made enhancements for flagging operations to the MUTCD, those enhancements will be covered during the class.

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe why proper flagging is important;
  • List the Qualifications of a good flagger;
  • Use the MUTCD and other standard references as they pertain to flagging;
  • Ensure the traffic control zones follow the basic principles as outlined in the MUTCD;
  • Divide the temporary traffic control zone into areas;
  • Determine if signs and devices on a project meet the standards of the MUTCD;
  • Gather all necessary and proper flagging equipment and gear;
  • Select the proper flagging station/location/position;
  • Handle (stop, slow, release, direct) traffic using a paddle;
  • Handle traffic using a flag;
  • Recognize different types of drivers and how to deal with them;
  • Setup and handle one-lane traffic on a two-way road;
  • Use alternative methods to communicate with the other flaggers;
  • Setup and handle traffic on haul road operations;
  • Recognize unique or special flagging operations;
  • Communicate effectively with public, supervisors, and co-workers.

After successfully completing this four-hour course, you will receive your flagger card stating that you have met the certification requirements of a flagger, with the card being good for four years. Also, you are eligible, without an additional cost, to be placed in ATSSA's National Flagger Database. If you lose, misplace, or just forget to bring your flagger card, ATSSA's National Flagger Database is an excellent back-up.

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