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Our water (Legionella) division is able to provide a full Legionella compliance audit of property portfolio. This service, termed a Legionella management review, involves one of our consultants reviewing your properties and highlighting procedural aspects where compliance could be improved or where the requirements of ACoP L8 (Legionnaires Disease: The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems) are not being met. Zeta’s independent Legionella audits can give you the comfort that your Legionella control systems and practices are compliant with current good practice procedures and the latest relevant legislation. Our independent audits examine not only the management systems you currently have in place, but can also clarify the roles, responsibilities and duties of managers, consultants and contractors involved in the management and hygiene processes.

An independent audit will examine your systems and processes before making detailed site-specific recommendations. This normally involves a review of your existing 'risk assessment' (if you have one; if not, it may be necessary to create one), checking your existing procedures against best practice and current legislation, and making specific recommendations to enable compliance.

Zeta Services leads the market in the provision of independent Legionella risk management and provide consulting services to help you determine a Legionella risk management strategy most suited to your industry and business environment.

Our consultancy includes:

  • Benchmarking of your systems and processes
  • Advising on current and future guidance/legislation
  • Advising on legionella sampling strategies
  • Determination of water treatment systems
  • Applications to outsource and improve your control scheme.

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