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With the increasing cost of raw materials and the more stringent controls and increased costs associated with waste management, it is essential that all businesses get the best value from their suppliers and contractors. By reviewing your waste streams (through composition and characterisation studies), supply chains and waste management contractors, you can improve performance and reduce expenditure, and ensure legislative compliance. This is important in the current economic conditions where climate change and increasing financial pressures are forcing everyone to review their activities. With increasing taxation on landfill disposal and potential income to be generated from segregated materials, it is essential that every organisation reconsiders its supply chain and on-site activities.

Many organisations are unaware of the true costs of their waste materials, in terms of wasted processing, energy, products and time. With an increasing environmental burden associated with waste materials, Government policy is moving towards the delivery of more resource efficient solutions throughout the supply chain. This requires organisations to influence their suppliers and understand their resource use and waste arisings, to move to more sustainable production systems.These result in less waste and opportunities to reuse or recycle waste, reducing the volume of waste that requires disposal to landfill.

With organisations striving for market position, environmental credentials are becoming an ever more important aspect of selecting a supplier. The time is right to review your systems and to improve your bottom line.

  • Ricardo-AEA has an impressive track record in supporting businesses as they strive to improve their environmental performance and overall resource efficiency.
  • Ricardo-AEA delivers resource efficiency support to businesses on behalf of WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland, via supply chain optimisation projects, and on-site support.
  • We managed Envirowise, the Government’s environmental support to business programme, for 15 years and saved businesses over £1 billion.
  • Ricardo-AEA can deliver a holistic business support service, from baseline waste characterisation and strategy development to stakeholder engagement and transition management.
  • Ricardo-AEA can work across a range of sectors and organisations including healthcare, universities, commercial, manufacturing, hospitality and construction.

By reviewing your processes and operations, we will be able to assess the quantity of raw materials purchased and the type and nature of waste generated. This enables us to identify opportunities including:

  • More efficient use of raw materials, allowing the quantity of raw materials purchased to be reduced, which in turn reduces the cost.
  • Improvements to waste management operations including contractual arrangements and costs and synergies with other businesses.
  • Evaluation of compliance with waste legislation, thus avoiding penalties and fines.

Ricardo-AEA can deliver the following key services in support of your auditing and compliance requirements:

  • Baseline assessment of sites or processes.
  • Waste composition and characterisation studies.
  • Legislative compliance testing.
  • Future-proofing decisions regarding forthcoming legislation.
  • Supply chain engagement projects.
  • Duty of care audits.
  • EMS checks and reports.
  • Paper trail audits.
  • Waste minimisation assessments.
  • Health and safety audits.
  • CSR data collection and reporting.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Target setting.
  • Performance improvement analysis.
  • Action planning.
  • Staff briefing and training.

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