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Many owners plan how to get into their new digs, but not how to keep their digs new.  At 3FFICIENT, we provide the expertise and capital to make your buildings and operations more efficient and sustainable.

As operating costs rise and clean technologies improve, the potential for cost savings grows.  There really is no reason to keep throwing money away at rising utility costs.


3FFICIENT solutions yield the highest sustainable cost savings and ROIs in the industry. Because:

  • Insight.  We address efficiency for all levels of an organization: from operations & maintenance to capital improvements with flexible financing and implementation.
  • Practical.  Our recommendations are practical and meet your constraints and economic criteria.
  • Experience.  We’ve audited hundreds of facilities.  Our team is led by seasoned experts in sustainable facility operations with core expertise in: energy, waste, water, communications and transportation sustainability, tax savings and finance.
  • Approach.  We approach your buildings as systems and get to the root cause of inefficiencies.  Our technicians and professional engineers will conduct an on-site field visit to evaluate various building systems and analyze the options and present the best measures for your needs.  That’s why over 95% of all our audit plans get implemented.
  • Technology.  We constantly stay abreast of the latest technologies and selectively work with some of the brightest new entrepreneurs to help them bring their new ideas to market.

Our Approach

  • We start with a no-cost feasibility study to benchmark your operations and costs to analyze potential savings from key resources such as: energy, water, waste, medical, transportation, telephony, tax credits, utility rates and overall sustainability.
  • With mutual benefit engagement, we then conduct an onsite audit of your facilities and operating costs by financial and technical experts to confirm our initial assessment and develop the roadmap for better sustainability of your operations, including technical and financial recommendations and financial pro forma(s) and impacts to your organization.
  • We also offer access to our proprietary smart management platform to transparently measure and verify your sustainability and enable green certifications like Energy Star, Green Globes, LEED and others.

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