Automation of in Silico Work Service


Make sure your bioinformaticians and biostatisticians can focus on developing new algorithms, not running them over and over again. Genohm has extensive experience in automating your in silico work. Together with your specialists, we optimise your proprietary computational flows for inclusion into SlimsGate, so you can start your bioinformatics analysis with a single mouseclick, from within your Slims environment.

Automation of statistical analysis

All data processing need some sort of statistical analysis. Automating these repetitive tasks increases productivity and reduces human error. Integrate your analysis tools into SlimsGate and make them part of your experiment protocol ! Graphs that take hours to generate are finished in seconds.

Automation of next gen sequencing data processing

Analysis of next gen pipelines is in many labs the domain of a few experts. Open up their experience for everyone by integrating these into your lab protocols, and integrate wet bench and computer work into the same environment.

Genohm has implemented several next gen flows into Slims. Computation intensive tasks are automatically submitted to a compute grid, and results are transparently attached to your electronic lab notebook.

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