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Tower internals and kit sets designed for optimised logistic savings. By choosing the Avanti Wind Systems tower internals you do not need more than ONE supplier in your tower- ONE supplier- ONE STOP SHOP.

How Avanti Wind Systems Tower Internals will help you save costs

  • Kit sets and tower internals containing original Avanti components from our own factories.
  • ONE supplier for pre-mounting and on-site installation at the customer's location.
  • Tower Internal factories in Asia Pacific and North America.
  • Avanti Wind Systems is a Global Partner with Local Support close to our customers offering quick service from our 8 service centres throughout the world.

The completed deliveries of tower internal and kit sets are delivered from Avanti supply chains which operate as an extension of our own production. Our supply chains are specialists in purchasing and handling components that supply a total solution to the tower producer as complete and timely deliveries. In addition to supplying internals, we offer pre-mounting and on-site mounting at the customer's location.

Low Maintenance Costs
All parts are hot dip galvanised and corrosion resistant C4H, which increases the lifetime of the parts.
One - Stop - Shop
Only ONE Supplier needed.

Avanti delivers full turnkey solutions integrating all our product range such as Avanti safety ladders, lifts, PFPE (Personal Fall Protective Equipment) and Climb assist.

Worldwide Standardisation
Same design, whatever the installation site. Avanti Tower Internals designs are always compliant with the relevant local and international standards in the US, EU and CN 

Design optimised for Logistic Savings
Avanti Tower Internals can be delivered disassembled and tightly packed, optimising the space in the container, due to the optimised design of the Avanti Tower Internals.

Same design, whatever the installation site.

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