Basement Mold Removal

Homeowners usually discover basement mold and mildew on their own. It may be visible on walls or baseboards, or there may be a smell. If If you can see basement mold, removal is necessary. Eliminate the causes, eliminate the mold.

The major source of mold in a basement is water from:

  • Gutter problems.
  • Improper footer drains.
  • Faulty sump pumps.
  • Groundwater seepage.
  • Plumbing leaks.
  • Flooding.

The secondary cause is 'mold food':

That is any porous material, including wood framing,sheetrock, insulation and carpeting. These materials get wet, the mold spores feast, and suddenly, you've got mold, possibly the infamous 'black mold'.

These issues, coupled with other mold-friendly conditions, created mold in the basement and must be corrected.

H&H Environmental Can Help!

  • Free Consultations
  • Basement mold inspection and reports
  • Mold remediation and removal / abatement
  • Treatment to prevent future mold and mildew growth
  • Written transferable warranties

The Basement Mold Removal Process: Phase I (Abatement)

First, the water and food-source issues must be addressed. There's no sense in removing the mold until you remove the conditions that let it grow. Eliminate the cause, eliminate the mold.

The basement mold abatement process in finished basements includes removing damaged carpets and sheet-rock, which we'll also haul away for you. We leave timber framing exposed 4' from floor, eliminating a future breeding ground.

Remediation Process: Phase II (Cleansing)

After the basement is dry and deficiencies are corrected, the existing mold has to be removed. We use a two-step process:

  1. Spray cleaner.
  2. Biocide.

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